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About Us

Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team

Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team

Prime Time Express is a mounted equestrian drill team from Central Texas. Known for their matching white western hats, long curly ponytails, and patriotic high-collared long-sleeved shirts, the award-winning group of ladies has captivated audiences for more than 12 years with their high-energy, perfectly-synchronized performances arranged on horseback.

The team originated back in 2005 in Limestone County, Texas, performing choreographed patterns and maneuvers to lively music as The Limestone County 4-H Drill Team. As they grew older and graduated from high school, they realized they're riding days were far from over, so Johnna Ingram, the Drill Master, set up Prime Time Express Mounted Drill, a nonprofit organization, for the purpose of riding competition drills and helping local kids and adults improve their riding skills.

Prime Time Express performs at exhibitions, rodeos and parades, and competes against other mounted drill teams from across the USA where they have won state and national titles. Riders of all levels ages 13 years and older are welcome to participate.

Team Members

Coach and Founder: Johnna Ingram

FROM: Groesbeck, TX - Limestone County

Who is Prime Time Express?

It could be someone battling breast cancer, single mothers struggling raising kids by themselves, someone while loving their family needing that time for themselves, someone that went thru abuse in their young life, students, teachers, insurance agents, loan officers, stay at home moms, empty nesters……………………………. IT COULD EVEN BE YOU.

I have been coaching a mounted drill team for almost 20 years. The first time I ever saw drill, I thought WOW this could be an affordable way for those that couldn’t afford a $100,000 show horse but could still compete at an affordable level with their own “cow pony” so to speak.

While my daughter was still in school we started organizing a 4H Team. Work took me away for awhile then when we returned back to Texas and with my daughter no longer 4H age, thus Prime Time Express was born. The originality of the name, all my daughter’s doing. Katie (my daughter) rode with the group for a couple of years then marriage, husband’s work and one grandchild later took her off in another direction.

Turned out, although I was pretty much devastated when Katie moved out of the area, then out of state…….I realized why God directed me the way he did and gave me such passion for the sport of drill team…………………that with Prime Time I still had 14 daughters and I’m loving every minute of it. Yes, I call them my children as some of my riders have been with me since they were 8 years old and they are now 21. I have listened to them in time of need, cried with them from tears of sadness to tears of joy, watched them grow from babies to good moral young adults, been with them thru death of loved ones, to giving birth to their own children to giving them the use of a horse when they couldn’t afford one, They are hard working with countless hours practicing, fundraising, and community service. My children, MY FAMILY………..YES!! All brought together by one common denominator, the most beautiful animal that God every created…………………..THE HORSE.

Rising from the dirt, Prime Time Express is now National and World class in the show ring and are well known in the drill team community across the United States.


Team Coordinator: Kelley Self Young

FROM: Groesbeck, TX - Limestone County

Kelley Young - I am a graduate of Bremond High School in Bremond, TX and Texas A&M University, class of 1996. I currently teach 6th grade math in Groesbeck ISD and mentor new teachers. I am Team Coordinator for Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team. Much of my free time is spent organizing and coordinating events for the team. I am actively involved in all of the riders lives, and I strive to motivate and inspire the ladies on and off their horses. My passion is seeing others succeed.

RIDER: Tonya Green

HORSE: "Tuff" - Bay Quarter Horse

FROM: Bremond, TX - Limestone County

My name is Tonya Green, I am 29 years old and from Bremond, TX. I have been a member of Prime Time Express since March 2007. I am currently the Captain and have been for several years.

Being a part of Prime Time Express has opened many opportunities; the most exciting, participating and representing not only my team but the Great State of Texas at the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade in California. Prime Time Express with its structure and balance, it has strengthened my faith with God, my family and I have developed life-long sisters I call my PTE family.

I have always had a love for horses and PTE has encouraged me to better my horsemanship skills, become involved with community efforts, dedicate my time not only for our team but for others. Prime Time Express will always be a blessing in my life. We spend long hours to be able to perform at a top level in competition and we are currently at the top of our game, we are known as the "team to beat".

Out of our group there are 5 of us in trick riding training. Our trick saddles are being made and as soon as they come in we will be in clinics to get this new venue under way.

We spend countless hours in the saddle practicing for competition, rodeos and parades. We also fundraise year long to help with expenditures and with some of the funds we "give back" to those in need.

Personal: I am married to my high school sweetheart Brandon and we have two beautiful children, Braidon 6 and Becca 3. I can already tell my daughter will be joining me with Prime Time when she becomes of age.

I currently work at Texas Star Bank in Marlin, TX as a Mortgage Loan Officer.

"TEAMWORK......with a clear vision and room to run, the true power of the team is unleashed

RIDER: Tyler Glowski

HORSE: "Happy" - Blue Roan Quarter Horse

FROM: Kosse, TX - Limestone County

Who is Prime Time Express? I, am Prime Time Express, along with 14 other riders and 14 horses turning us into one "united" team. ONE TEAM....ONE RIDE....PRIME TIME!

My name is Tyler Glowski, I am 19 years old and I am honored to be a part of this group. I began riding for the team in 2009, while in high school and I am currently riding while attending college. Prime Time Express has won many United States Equestrian Drill Competition (USEDC) national division titles. In 2009 we won National Champions, 2010 won the Sports Quest Cup World title, 2011 Reserve National Champions, 2012 Reserve National Champions, 2013 National Champions, 2014 National High Point Champion with Reserve Sports Quest Cup World Title. We participate in many local rodeos and parades including the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade. In 2013 Prime Time was chosen to ride in the "super bowl" of parades, the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA. We have now been given another opportunity to participate in the 2015, Tournament of Roses Parade and we are needing sponsors.

Another part of who Prime Time Express horse "Happy". I have dedicated many long days and nights to my horse. Our dedication paid off when we won 'Most Improved Horse' in 2011 and now the coveted title of 'MVP' Horse of the Year in 2014. Besides riding with Prime Time, we qualified for Nationals Little Britches Rodeo in Pueblo, Colorado in barrels and pole bending and have participated in local rodeos as well. We have also been a part of a ranch rodeo and a sorting team.

I attended Groesbeck High School and during my high school years I was very involved in FFA, with horse judging, showed horses and cattle and public relations. I am currently working towards getting my bachelor's degree in science and nursing at Navarro college. I have always been an A & B student.

I modeled multiple times in the past two years for Gypsy Ranch Boutique. I also train horses to help pay for my college and living expenses.

With that said, I have volunteered many hours toward community service, fundraising, school activities, family time, and church so I am no stranger to hard work, commitment, and dedication. In closing, I am a much “better” person since joining this group of elite women.

"In the end, the greatest victory we can know is the result of all of our hard work, discipline, and dedication: the realization of our dreams."....Cheryl Burke

RIDER: Bri Self

HORSE: "Pal" - Palomino Paint

FROM: Kosse, TX - Limestone County

Hi, my name is Bri Self. I am a fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2015. I am majoring in Animal science and plan to go into the animal breeding and genetics field.

I have ridden with Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team for 8 years and have ridden drill for a total of 13 years. My life has revolved around drill for so many years and I could not imagine my life without it. I have learned several life lessons through riding drill. Teamwork, patience, responsibility, and work ethic are among these. The bonds I have built with my horses and teammates through drill can never be replaced. PTE is not only my team, but my family.

Work: While attending college, I work part time for State Representative Kyle Kacal at his Tonkawa ranch in College Station, TX

Being involved with Prime Time Express, I have volunteered many hours of community service and fundraising We spend many hours practicing and perfecting our routines for competition, which we have received many "top" honors, and rodeos, so I am no stranger to hard work. I am also involved with my family and church.

"To many, the words love, hope and dreams are synonymous with horses"........Oliver Wendell Holmes

Bri Self

RIDER: Kaitlyn Harrell

HORSE: "Cody" - Paint Horse

FROM: Groesbeck, TX - Limestone County

My name is Kaitlyn Harrell, I am 18 years of age, and I have been a member of Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team for the past eight years. Through being on the drill team I have been able to travel around the United States and Texas attending competitions, parades, and various showcases. Some of these events have included the USEDA National Championships that we attend annually and have won twice, myself being on the USEDA All-Star Team for six consecutive years, winning the World Sportsquest Cup, attending the Red Dirt Ride in Mustang, Oklahoma, the Tournament of Roses Parade and Equestfest in Pasadena, California, color guard for the All-American Futurity Race at Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico, Houston and Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo parades and grand entry, and also local parades and rodeo performances.

Through Prime Time there are a few girls including myself that are beginning the art of trick riding. We plan on furthering our experience in this sport and making it a large portion of our entertainment.

Outside of Prime Time Express I am a student. I graduated from Groesbeck High School this past spring where I was 17th in my class with a 4.49 GPA. In high school I was a member of the FFA, NHS, FCA, Student Council, and a varsity cheerleader. Through the FFA I showed animals, been on competition teams including horse judging, and was chapter vice president my senior year. I am also blessed to say that I hold the title of Limestone County Fair Queen for the 2014-2015 year. Through being fair queen I get to represent Limestone County with my crown and sash while riding in parades with Prime Time Express. I also get to hand out ribbons and buckles and help out at the county fair. I have showed through the county fair for the past 5 years. I have shown pigs, goats, baked goods, photography, and my horses. I have won Senior Grand Champion at the horse shows in 2012 and this year in 2014. During my last year of high school I had the pleasure of working at a dance studio where I taught tumbling classes.

This fall I will be attending Blinn College in Bryan, Texas. After my first year at Blinn, I plan on transferring to Texas A&M University’s Nursing School in College Station. There I will earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to becoming a Registered Nurse.

RIDER: Celeste Coffee

HORSE: "Trigger" - Palomino Quarter Horse

FROM: Groesbeck, TX - Limestone County

I am Celeste Coffee and I am so proud to be riding with Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team. I sponsored the team when it was a 4H team and watched the girls grow up. When they started the Prime Time Express Drill Team I continued to sponsor them. They have developed into an awesome drill team and when I asked them to let me ride with them I was so honored they said yes.

The past 5 years have been the happiest of my life. I have enjoyed riding with them and being a part of the PTE FAMILY.  I was raised in Tennessee and rode horses and mules all of my early life but when I graduated from High School I came to Texas. I graduated from University of Houston and married a Texan and been in love with Texas ever since.

I have my own insurance agency in Groesbeck, Texas, and I enjoy the country life with my husband Bob. I have one son who lives in Round Rock, who is the apple of my eye. I thank GOD every day for giving me the ability and good health at age 66 to continue to ride my loving horses.

“When you fall in love with a HORSE it lasts for a lifetime.”

In Loving Memory of Our Heavenly Members


Ashton Krumnow April 14, 1993 to March 18, 2017                              Shayla Bennett Sept 22, 1995 to July 29, 2012



2016 USEDC Competition

The team won first place in the 2016 Sports Quest Cup Ride of Champions and Reserve National Champions. The Team also won first place in Theme National Division Competition. Johanna Ingram the Prime Time Express Drill Master is holding the SilverSports Cup Award.

National Division Champions 2013

2013 National Division Champions for both large and small teams. Congratulations PTE!

Rose Parade and Equestfest Participants

The team participated in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California and performed in the Equestfest on Dec 28,2012. The Team showed off their drill skills at the Equestfest and created a grand performance for the audience. The team has been invited back to participated in the 2015 Tournament of Roses and Equestfest

Parade and Division Champs 2009 - 2012

2009 National Divisional Champs 2010 Sports Quest World Champs 2011 9 National Divisional Titles 2012 Reserved World and National Division, Numerous parade champships and awards such as Ft Worth Livestock Show and Parade, Houston Livestock Show and Parade,and Waco Heart of Texas Livestock Show and Parade. Each gave the team raving revues in their newspapers with their picture on the front page of the cities's major newspaper.

Grand Champions of Oklahoma Red Dirt Drill Team Ride

They were invited to perform in the state of Oklahoma Red Dirt Drill Team Ride and they won the Grand Championship. They also performed an exhibition drill at the National Andalusian Horse Show and were given a standing ovation for their performance.

Sponsor Pride

The friends and businesses of the City of Groesbeck and Limestone County are their sponsors. They truly appreciate their sponsors because without them they could not participate in any of the competitions or parades. The Team always strives to perform to the highest excellence to make their sponsors, family and community proud of Prime Time Express

Christian Organization

They are a christian organization who puts their love and dedication to Christ first and foremost. They start every practice and every performance with a prayer. They are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who love their families and their communities and work as volunteers for many charitable organizations such as Relay for Life and Family Food Drives, etc.


The PTE is participating in the 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. All donations to assist in getting them to this 'once-in-a-lifetime' event would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Johnna via email: or by phone: 903-390-4685

Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team's Official Tournament of Roses Mobile Website.



Road To The Horse



Two years ago, Johnna Ingram, founder and coach of Prime Time Express, along with her husband attended the Road to the Horse World Championship of Colt Starting in Lexington, Kentucky. After seeing some of the specialty acts that were incorporated into the show, it was then that she knew Kentucky needed to meet Prime Time’s Texas girls and watch them perform. After putting a package together including photos, accomplishments and videos, Ingram mailed it off and waited, but there was no reply. Ingram persevered as she was sure that her girls had what it took to appear on this world-stage arena floor. She re-submitted Prime Time Express' information once more and followed up with a phone call to the show office that brings together the finest in horsemanship from around the world. The owner and producer of Road to the Horse, Ms. Tootie Bland, decided to not only have a competition between 4 women in the main event of world championship colt starting but this year she would also add a drill team competition between 4 hand-picked drill teams from across the United States. Prime Time Express was chosen and would be heading to Lexington, Kentucky to appear and compete in this very first Celebration of the Cowgirl at Road to the Horse 2017, which promised to be unlike any other World Championship.

Ingram called the team together at Mi Rancho in Groesbeck to tell them the news and to video their excitement as was asked for, and that excitement was soon visible to the world on The excitement also contained the awareness that within a few short months the team had to raise money for equine transportation and costs while in Kentucky, write and learn a new drill with required compulsory moves that were set in stone by Road to the Horse, and incorporate flags into this routine. Ingram stated she knew this team of girls would be up for the challenge and she would be pushing them hard to meet these requirements. This they did through hours and hours of practice in the heat, wind, rain, and freezing temperatures of the ever-changing Texas weather. There were setbacks, but the ladies took them in true PTE style and never missed a beat.

This leads us to recent day March 21. With anticipation and excitement in the air, the horses loaded into an air cushion-ride semi charted from Equine Express NA, Inc. and headed to Lexington, Kentucky. The riders were not far behind their partners who are some of the most athletic horses that these ladies have ever ridden. Once there after their day and a half journey, the horses and riders got settled in. The week was very busy with team practices, show rehearsals, meet and greets for the public and radio interviews, as well as the ritualistic routine of caring for the ones who help put on the show, their horses.

Finally, on a cold Kentucky rainy day with a wind chill near 20 degrees, it was time for the crowd from across the world to see Prime Time Express in action. For their first ride, the ladies were dressed in an elegant show jacket adorned with teal sequins bodice and black curvatures of custom design, black hats, black chaps, and gorgeous leather black tack. These ladies and their horses were matching from head to hoof and rode to a dramatic presentation representing the heart of a horse. The ladies said it was like a dream. The crowd roared in appreciation as they set pinwheels, sweeps, hurricanes, companies of two, three, and four that weaved with precise flying lead changes, all the while these beautiful ladies waving with finesse and showing their appreciation for the crowd who had gathered from across the United States and around the world. And yet there was one more ride. Two days later with Texas flags flying in Lone Star State style, accented by Central Texas’ Limestone County girls, Prime Time Express was decked out in their red, white, and blue custom star shirts and matching chaps, white hats and as you all know their long flowing ponytails and red lips. With nearly a flawless routine, they once more amazed the crowd with their precision and intricate moves. There were now two days to wait and see if they did have what it took to win as the crowd favorite and with the judges. During this waiting period, all of the riders, their coach, and family members appeared at a booth set up by the team. They handed out over 400 pictures and met people from all over the world. The reception was unbelievable. The fact that their youngest rider is 11 and the oldest is 69, yet they flow together like fine wine, made a lasting impression on the hearts of those in attendance. The fans of Road to the Horse were amazing, and the team cannot express enough gratitude for how they were received. The number one question asked of the ladies you ask? They had to know about the hair! Other comments included how well put together the ladies were and that their routines were like none other they had ever seen. Again, in true PTE fashion, the ladies were truly appreciative and assured them that it did not come without long hours in the practice arena, a coach with a mind and work ethic for drill, and a passion for the sport and their horse.

Now it was time. On Sunday, March 26, all competing drill teams lined up in the arena waiting for the results, and it was at that time that Prime Time Express was announced as the VERY FIRST Road to the Horse Drill Team Champions. The team won a beautiful silver cup trophy and money to purchase championship belt buckles for all riders. The crowd gave their approval and it was time to exit the arena. It flew. Time really flew, but these ladies have said that this was an experience of a lifetime. They not only are champions of a world stage, but they have made lasting friendships and learned ways to improve their own horsemanship from some of the best cowgirls in the world. Later that evening, Equine Express drove up to load their heroes and headed back to Texas.

Congratulations also goes out to Ashley Wilson, Colt Starting Champion of Road to the Horse 2017. Ashley is an author, TV celebrity and trainer who is also the very first international show jumper to bring her helmet and jodhpurs to Road to the Horse.

Limestone County and Central Texas’ Prime Time Express riders include Bri Self Ingram, Jessica Crisp, Tyler Glowski, Trinity Glowski, Kaitlyn Harrell, Kaitlyn Denman Baize, Tonya Bodiford Green, Jenna Evans, Celeste Coffee, Hope Merriam, Alexandria Beale, and Jamie Reyna. One fascinating side note is that five of the twelve riders drove at least once a week and many times twice with horses in tow from Palestine, College Station, and Lovelady near Ft. Worth to practice with the team that they are so committed to. She thought they could, and they did! They made the Road to the Horse.

The team wants to graciously thank the many who helped with their fundraising efforts, family and friends who attended or watched via webcast, and their sponsors Equifuse for keeping the shine and coat condition on their horses and Purina for providing their equestrian athletes with proper nutrition. They give ALL the glory to their Heavenly Father for His graces, and thank Him for blessing them with their horses, the gift of horsemanship, and for opening the door to memorable experiences like Road to the Horse.

Road To The Horse

Rose Parade 2013 and EquestFest

Start to Finish of the 2013 EquestFest and Rose Parade

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